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"Be Creative - Be Different" - At BoostGo, Creativity has gone beyond tangible products and services to become an endless stream of inspiration for new ideas and breakthrough thinking. Customer satisfaction is a motivation for BoostGo to create and improve every day.

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Business philosophy

Business is not just about making money but also creating meaningful values to teammates and the community

Products and Services

BoostGo accompanies domestic and foreign partners to actualize strategies and business development goals based on marketing technology. Based on technological innovations, BoostGo offers advanced marketing technology solutions and services so that customers will be proactive and flexible in their marketing development.

BoostGo Ecosystem

BoostGo has an ecosystem of 3 separate companies which mutually support each other. This is a focused strategy to always update and improve the process to ensure the safety, reputation, and quality for customers and strategic partners.

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BoostGo Marketing Corporation
BoostGo is growing stronger and more professional in order to meet the demand for comprehensive marketing services. With a system of 8 departments and 3 member companies, BoostGo's products have been bringing many valuable solutions to serve the market. BoostGo's strategy for the new phase is to continue to strongly develop core business areas and expand into other business lines. With the potential and existing position, BoostGo wishes to build and spread new standards and raise the level of competition with major players in the region and the world.
Marketing Technology Development Company
Growing from a small IT department with a few employees, ''Marketing Technology Development Company'' has been the leading unit, contributing to the operation of the Marketing solutions providing contributing to the operation of the Marketing solutions providing system of the Group. The company's leading technology experts have constantly improved and perfected the Core Technology system, applying technology to build optimal marketing solutions on social networking platforms such as Youtube, Facebook , ... ; At the same time, the company has alsooperated and developed many products in other fields, contributing to the management of the Group's marketing service provision business system.
Comprehensive Marketing Service Provision and Consultation company
With the mission of being a consultant, providing high-value and breakthrough marketing products, "Comprehensive Marketing Service Provision and Consultation company" applies technology to multi-platform marketing activities to support many organizations and brands around the world building breakthrough brands with a reasonable cost. Core services include: support to create brand reputation; Research, develop Marketing strategies, multi-channel marketing and provision of Marketing solutions on many digital platforms.
Prodives resources on the Internet Company
The company provides resources on the Internet and Internet-related fields such as managing product and service data through the use of DNS, high-capacity Mail domain, Cloud server, ... operates on social networking environments such as Google, Youtube, Facebook, ... with high reliability and credibility. Always aiming to create the trust of customers and partners, the Company is increasingly asserting its brand as a reputable Internet service provider in the domestic and foreign markets.

Cultural Values

01. Gratefulness
  • To whom and to what organization are you grateful for the knowledge and valuation?
  • Grateful Day is a day for the teams and yourself to look back and see what is not good to improve.
  • Understanding the culture of Gratefulness to appreciate better life.
02. Teamwork
  • Sharing at work.
  • Sharing difficult times.
  • Sharing the joy.
03. Freedom to speak up
  • Encouraging everyone to contribute ideas.
  • Using the wisdom of crowds.
  • Based on mutual respect.
04. Transparent
  • Not letting feeling overwhelmed work.
  • Everything at work must be transparent.
  • Sufficient data is required.

Our History

DM Media & Entertainment is a Vietnamese media and entertainment company established in 2020. In October 2022, its name was changed to BoostGo, orienting the company to become a global marketing corporation.

10/2022 Rebranded as BoostGo to become a global marketing group
06/2022 Moved headquarters to Green Park Tower
02/2022 Establishment Studio in HoChiMinh City
12/2021 Establishment Studio in Hanoi
09/2021 Successfully build a music brand TuneOne
08/07/2020 Establishment DM Media& Entertainment

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